Nutrition Coaching

It’s true what they say…You can’t out-exercise a bad diet.

Do you have a goal of losing fat, building muscle, or both? Workouts are certainly important, but nutrition plays a huge role in getting you to your goals.

If you’re looking for help getting your nutrition together, we offer guidance from a Certified Coach. Stay accountable with your eating and reach your goals more quickly.  bStrong members receive a $20/month discount!

What’s Included?

Initial Assessment: meet with Coach Ben (phone or in-person) to thoroughly discuss your health history, habits and goals.  Together, you will establish a starting point and formulate a plan to start making changes that will last.

Body Measurements (optional, depending on goals)

Weekly check-in with review of progress

Email access to your Coach

Your own copy of our e-book:  “Top 10 Nutrition Myths”

This will not involve handing you a meal-plan and saying “do this.”  It will be an active process where we will look at your current habits and make appropriate adjustments.  

You’ll have a full-time coach working with you, adapting the program to fit your needs, your lifestyle and your progress.  We will help you build a sustainable program to put yourself into the best possible position to succeed. 


3-month Committment

Non-bStrong Members: $229/month

bStrong Members: $199/month

Non-bFit Members:

To learn more about our coaches’ backgrounds, visit our Trainer page.

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