Training for Adults

With our program, you will be able to feel and look your best all while having fun! bFit has already seen many success stories in a short amount of time. From clients losing 40+ pounds, to clients running their first races, or gaining some serious muscle. There is no telling how many goals we will reach!! Come join us for a encouraging, high energy workout that can be one by anyone!

Scheduling: Having trouble committing to a certain time? Not to worry, you can drop into any class any day! With 6 workouts offered everyday there is no excuse… bFit!!

Benefits of Training with bFit

  1. No workout is ever the same
  2. Personal training service at a fraction of the price
  3. Workout can be modifies for specific injuries or needs
  4. Be proud of your accomplishments
  5. Work all aspects of fitness in one hour
  6. Make the workout as challenging as you want
  7. Working as a team is better than working alone
  8. Safe and effective way of training
  9. Personal attention to correct form
  10. Overall health
  11. Nutrition guidance
  12. Making workouts fun!

bComplete Workout

*Focus is on: Using a variety of exercises to elevate the heart rate including running, walking, elliptical, biking, stair climbing, rowing, calisthenics, etc.  While the heart rate is up, strength and core exercises are mixed in to increase lean muscle mass, improve posture, increase metabolism, and improve strength. Each exercise can be made as challenging as needed. Extreme athletes to first timers can all be worked to their own specific limits. Expect to do 8-20 different strength training/core exercises, with short 1-2min cardio bursts. 

*The workout is 55-60min long and can be adjusted to everyone’s specific injuries, restrictions, or needs.

bCut Cardio Workout

*Focus is on: Keeping the heart rate elevated through a wide variety of exercises. These include: running, biking, walking, elliptical, stair climbing, rowing, jumping rope, foot work drills, light weights, and body weight movement. This is more effective than running, biking or swimming for long durations of time because you use a wider number of muscle groups all in one workout. Expect to do 2-4min cardio intervals (at your own pace) followed by a variety of core/strength movements. 

*The workout is 55-60min long and can be adjusted to everyone’s specific abilities. It is a great way to change up your long and boring cardio sessions at the gym.

Exercise is important for everyone; it strengthens your heart, lungs, bones and muscles. It can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. It decreases the risk of numerous diseases. Lastly, it can alleviate depression, promote relaxation and reduce tension and anxiety.

Exercise shouldn’t be a chore it should be fun!! Come train for life with bFit Bellevue.


Single workout: $25

10 Sessions: $199 = $19.90 per session

20 Sessions: $375 = $18.75 per session

50 Sessions: $850 = $17 per session

Monthly Unlimited Packages are also available. These range from $180-$225. Your per workout cost will be anywhere between $6-$20 depending on how many times you attend.

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