Our Coaches

Kyle Ulrey



Kyle is a former Division 1 track and field competitor with an advanced background in soccer, cross-country, and coaching.  He specializes in linear periodization programming as well as sport-specific strength training, much of which he developed while working with Eastern Washington University’s strength coaches.

Kyle has more recently developed a passion for working with groups and also leading circuit training classes.  His dedication to his clients can be seen within the specific programs he develops to help each individual transition into a new and healthy lifestyle.  Kyle’s personal interests include running, Olympic strength training, camping, cycling, and coaching.

Kyle received his Bachelors from Eastern Washington University in Exercise Science and has a Minor in Coaching.  Kyle began working in the fitness industry in 2002.  Over the past 5 years, he has managed more than 30 trainers while logging over 9,000 hours of one on one training.  Kyle was awarded trainer of the year by his last employer, one that staffed over 110 trainers at that time.

Ben Matlak



MS Kinesiology, BS Exercise Physiology

ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Functional Movement Systems Level II Certified, Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Online Trainer

Ben wants to help you enjoy your life outside the gym. He has been working in the fitness industry for more than 10 years. He looks at the big picture when it comes to health and life. While exercise is important, factors like sleep, eating habits, stress and relationships all play major roles in getting control of your health. You probably don’t want to spend all your free time in the gym. Ben is all about efficient training and health strategies to help you enjoy the things you love.

Outside of work, Ben spends time seeing the world, playing ultimate frisbee, petting dogs, hiking and jumping off things into water.

Blake Parsons


BS in Exercise Science, 200hr RYT Yoga Teacher, StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor 2014, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Functional Movement Systems Level II, CHEK Holistic Lifestyles Coach 2014

Blake has an infectious affinity with kettlebell training and his passion shines through when he is coaching others with this tool. With his recent undertaking of 200 hours studying yoga, he now combines the two in his signature Kettlebell Yoga Flow class.  He believes in proper movement and training the whole body (and the mind) for strength.

Blake believes that what you do in the gym is to prepare your body to be able to go out in the world and be able to complete any activity you desire. He finds the most efficient ways to get the most benefit out of every workout, no-nonsense training methods here.

Outside of the gym, Blake loves to be out in nature doing all kinds of adventures and activities.

Sammie Parsons


Once upon a time, Sammie was a competitive ballroom dance instructor, going to yoga to retain a sense of calm, of peace, and to stretch and strengthen her weary muscles. One day, while in savasana (final resting pose) she began to cry happy tears. The sense of the sanctuary found in her connection with herself consumed her, physical discomfort melted away and she knew this was something she wanted to share with people.

The lessons she learned on the mat saturated her life and she dreamed of being able to give her students even a fraction of what she had experienced and has continued to experience. Once certified she taught for over 5 years at local hot studios before launching her own business, offering a model that tailors to the needs of her students. Regardless the size of the class, or the various experience levels she gives her students what they need in that moment.

She closely observes the body, ensuring safety through proper alignment and using verbal direction as well as hands-on assists, to bring postures and practices to the students, allowing the yoga to meet them where they’re at, while simultaneously nudging them to surf their edge, expanding their practice. Trained in esthetics, transcendental meditation, and Ayurveda to name a few, she pulls from her toolbox to create a powerful, life-changing experience for her students, each and every class, ensuring a happily ever after for all!

Allison Moss


Certified Yoga Teacher 

Allison spent an unforgettable summer in Chiang Mai, Thailand at an ashram where she received her yoga teaching certificate. There she studied yogic lifestyle, traditional text, the background of yoga, Ayurveda, anatomy and physiology along with meditation and asana.

The most important thing she learned is that yoga has so much more to offer than just the physical aspect. It is a lifestyle, one of mindfulness, understanding and love. Yoga creates a union between our mind, body and breath and teaches us to find peace in every situation while giving us the foundation and strength to live a long and healthy life.

Allison strives to bring what she has learned into every class so that her students can take home something new every time. She keeps her classes light but challenging, making sure that every student leaves feeling at peace and confident to take on the day.

In her spare time, Allison can be found snowboarding, hiking, crafting, relaxing by a campfire or playing with her dog.

Britney Chang


“How you do anything is how you do everything.”

ACE Certfiied Personal Trainer and Sports Conditioning Specialist, Functional Movement Systems Level II Certified

Hi, I am Britney Chang, a Portland, Oregon native and a firm believer that being able to function as our best selves involves creating and maintaining a Healthy Active LIFESTYLE.

After a dual car accident that left me in a year of physical therapy, I learned that true health involved reconnecting my mind and body in ways I never thought possible. This way of thinking and living is what drove me to switch career paths and become a personal trainer.

I started an entry-level position at a gym and truly immersed myself in the culture. I took great note of the complexities, differences, and challenges from all of the individuals that made the choice to live a better life. Seeing their progress every day fueled my drive even more, and my passion eventually led me to the position of General Manager, following my own personal venture in wanting to share my love of fitness. Working to get my local neighborhood moving towards a Healthy Active LIFESTYLE, I helped found a neighborhood fit club. What started with 9 members eventually grew to over 80 in less than 3 months and was a true testament to what can be accomplished through community, fitness, and nutrition and still stands as one of my proudest achievements.

With a certification in personal training and sports conditioning, I’ve worked with individuals from a diverse group of ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels and still get excited by the new people I get to meet on this fitness journey. My career-driven focus, and greatest passion, is promoting a LIFESTYLE that advocates and supports living as your absolute best day-to-day self!

Morgan Nichols


“Let your passion burn brighter than your fears”

Morgan is a highly-qualified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and Group Fitness Instructor certified through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Additionally, she has a BS and MS from the University of Washington in Natural Resource Planning and has earned the Personal Fitness Training Certificate from Bellevue College.

Morgan blends her passion for health and wellness with her love of the outdoors to create a solid framework to prepare you to embrace all that life has to offer. Morgan loves finding new ways to challenge herself and is an avid outdoor sports enthusiast and lover of any and all adventures from
snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking and backpacking to paddle boarding and exploring the northwest with her dog, Kodie.

Morgan’s lighthearted spirit, laughter, and infectious positivity will motivate you to find joy and fun in all parts of the journey to becoming your best. She gives people a foundation of confidence and sense of control over their lives and bodies so they can envision and become the person they’ve always wanted to be. She helps you continuously challenge yourself to gain the physical and mental confidence to push your boundaries and grow, at any age and any stage, to achieve your goals and handle anything that life brings.

Morgan’s coaching style is based on her personal and professional philosophies, inspiring others to find and embrace the personal fire that comes from living fully within your body and mind. She’ll help you build a meaningful framework for a healthy lifestyle, based upon a foundation of holistic fitness and health that raises the energy within one’s life to the point that you are consistently living from an emotionally and physically inspired place. Her goal is to help people gain the physical and mental
strength to handle any challenge, identifying their “why” and those moments in life that “changes” them in some way, using fitness to help them move forward. She believes in training for life and will coach you to attain your best, empowering you to make a change for the better by balancing her personal health trifecta – fitness, nutrition, and motivation.

Andrea Nguyen


Now, this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down

Let me tell you the story how I started my quest
To be the trainer in the Pacific Northwest

In the SF Bay Area, hustin’ for pay
In the office was where I spent most of my days

Stressin’ out maxin’ burnt out’ not cool
Strugglin’ to balance life and staying fit in the pool

Discovered HIIT Pilates and Spin at a studio
Found myself in the outdoors and a way to let go

Quit the office job, to train in the PNW
And said, “Let me help you accomplish your goals in and out of the gym with this dope crew”

I stared out as a lifeguard and swim coach for special needs kids and adults and through my own journey with injuries, body dysmorphia, stress management to finding the outdoors, Spin, High Intensity Pilates and group fitness, I want to help people find the right balance to create healthy and sustainable habits to live their best life outside of the gym.

Outside of the gym, I’m up for trying anything new, but I’m mostly training to run after dogs to pet, hiking, backpacking, snowboarding/splitboarding, swimming, and dancing.