Group Classes

Because of the pandemic, our schedule and class offerings have been adjusted. View our current schedule HERE.

Our coaches are here to provide form, guidance and motivation. We welcome seasoned fitness veterans as well as newcomers to the fitness world. Plan on working hard and exceeding your own expectations!

Each of our certified coaches has spent years in the fitness industry and will provide supportive instruction.

Live Virtual bComplete

A virtual version of our bComplete metabolic resistance workout. Do it from the comfort of your own home. Minimal equipment necessary but a few household objects can come in handy (cans of soup, heavier object like laundry detergent, gallon jug, etc).

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Join us for a complete metabolic resistance workout (HIIT) consisting of strength training, cardio and core. This high-energy interval training class incorporates a variety of equipment including medicine balls, TRX, dumbbells, kettlebells and much more.

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If your goal is to look, feel and perform better, it’s important to focus on a balanced approach. We need strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, stability, mobility. We’re happy to get into more details and to discuss your specific goals. Just ask!